When Your Heart Have Said “I Want My Ex Back”

Breaking up is never an easy thing to deal with. After all, there’s no such thing as an easy breakup. It may be amiable or based on the mutual decision, but nobody says you won’t feel anything about it. But wait a minute, what if the break up was nothing but a mistake? Could you still make amend and work your way together? Is it possible and will she take you back? Nobody knows what’s inside one’s heart. But everybody knows that following what it says is the right thing to do. Including when it says “I want my ex back”.

Learn From Past Experiences

History does repeat itself. That’s one thing you have to remember. Of course, there are always things that you can do to avoid the exact recourse. Here are some questions you can ponder over regarding your time with her.

  • Did you make a royal screwed up?

Come on, let it all out and be fair about it. Did you or did you not do something that majorly affected your relationship? It could be sleeping around or building up the world of lies around her. Trust is a fragile thing, and it gets harder to build after crumbling down. The logical outcome is that she will be more skeptical and guarded to you. But if you really want her back in your life, this is just an obstacle you need to get through for a happy end.

  • What was the ratio of the time you spend with her and your friends?

Some girls actually complained that their boyfriend, or ex, didn’t spend much time with his friends. They never say it out loud, but they would prefer their boyfriends to have other activities as well. Of course, they also want to stay on top of your priority.

  • Were your friends supportive of your relationship?

They may have never expressed it, but you will understand when your buddies are not into your girlfriend. No, it doesn’t mean your girlfriend must have their stamp of approval either. But their interaction will affect you one way or another.

  • Was she really the one?

Saying that she’s good in bed is a lousy excuse to get your ex back. Think about all of the roller coasters you had to ride when you two were together. Was it more fun than troublesome? Only you can answer this. Don’t overthing this “I want my ex back” because you will simply lose your mind.

Stop shouting I want my ex back

It doesn’t mean you have to completely go head over heels to get her back. Do a logical assessment on your current situation. How long ago has since you two break up? Has she found someone new?

What’s the chance that you won’t royally messed it up again? Following your heart might be a good thing, but you sure can’t just go blind without thinking of the consequences. What was the reason of your break up? Was it one fundamental reason like different religion or parental disagreement that set you two apart?

i want my ex back

There are issues that worth the trouble and some are not at all. If you are really serious about wanting your ex back and take the relationship to a more serious level, you can’t ignore the differences.

A popular anonymous quote said that you shouldn’t find someone you can live with, but someone you can’t live without. That’s just how important she is to you and thats why you have “I want my ex back” problem. When your world turned to gloom and dark after she walked out of your life, and you have nobody else to blame but yourself.

Then it’s time for you to shape up and work your best to get her back. There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship, but there is such a thing as a perfect couple. If you have a complete faith that you two are one, then you better work your way to attaining it and solve your “I want my ex back” problem right now and act.

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How to choose a Pneumatic Cylinder based on its Types

A long time ago, people create a variety of things including utilities, furniture, and food using their hands. During this time, they usually only make these items in a small quantity for themselves or some other people.

This method, however, is not effective at all if it is applied to factories in the 21st century. The world today is a race of time and manpower alone is not enough to produce goods that require a delicate work in a massive amount with only a small amount of time.

Due to this reason, manufacturing corporations need to be supplied with mechanical utilities that can help with the producing process.


One of the industrial utilities that are widely used in many different fields is the pneumatic cylinder. It is a device that uses the energy from a volume of compressed air to move a piston inside of it.

The piston is connected to a rod that can be extracted when the piston is pushed. The rod will move any kind of object that is also connected to it outside of the cylinder. Commonly, the rod is retracted when the piston is pushed back to its original place by a spring that sits at the opposite end of the cylinder when the energy from the air is already released.

Benefits of Pneumatic Cylinders

The pneumatic cylinder offers some benefits that other kinds of cylindrical device do not have. It is operated using gas while others use a liquid in order to move the piston. Because of that, it does not produce any mess from possible leakage, which is prone to happen after a certain period of time.

Apart from that, pneumatic cylinders are usually smaller in size and much quieter compared to other cylinders; making it possible to install the device in rooms that have limited space. They are commonly used in the production of intricate products, such as camera lenses, and medical equipment or goods that cannot be contaminated at all.

What kind of Pneumatic Cylinder should I choose?

If you are looking forward to incorporate pneumatic cylinders in your manufacturing process, you have to know what you are going to use it for. There are different types of pneumatic cylinders and each features different capabilities and drawbacks. This list below will help you in choosing the appropriate kind of pneumatic cylinder for your purpose.

  • Single-acting Cylinders

It is called single-acting because there is only one air flow into the cylinder to push the piston. The piston is automatically pushed back to the original place once the air pressure is gone because the spring on the other end gives it the same amount of energy.

Due to this reason, single-acting cylinders do not have a good extraction length and the energy that the rod has decreased along with the air pressure. However, it has a good durability.

  • Double-acting Cylinders

The double action comes from the application of two air flows from different ends of the cylinder. Instead of using a spring to push the piston back, the device uses another air pressure. Because of this, the piston and the rod do not move back immediately and can gain the maximum power and length while it is extracted. However, this also decreases the rod’s durability since it is constantly given a large energy without any obstacles.

  • Telescoping Cylinders

The name is derived from the telescope-like shape that this pneumatic cylinder has. It consists of some stages with different diameters that expands and shrinks along with the movement of the piston. Each stage has its own piston that is connected to a segmented rod. This form provides an even greater length of extraction, but again, it is more prone to break. This type of pneumatic cylinder is only good for tasks that do not deal with heavy loads.

  • Rodless Cylinders

This type does not use a rod that is connected to a piston in order to move the object outside the cylinder. Instead, it uses a load that is connected to a component between two metal bands for this purpose. The metal bands are the piston of this type, and they move along a cavity on one side of the cylinder to trigger the load to move to the other direction.